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Check out the new and improved Nintendo Room at Funtime Antigo - featuring the NES, Genesis, SNES, Nintendo 64, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch!

FT Expansion Merrill.png

We are excited to announce that we have officially purchased our newest location in Merrill, WI! Stay tuned for updates and if you want to help fund this new business expansion check out


Stop in and check out the new look at FTA with a fresh paint job and improved layout!


Funtime Antigo at the Langlade County Fairgrounds for the customer appreciation event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce!

Funtime Antigo and Peace Lutheran Ministries staff hosting a skate demo for the childcare children in their parking lot!

Funtime Antigo hosting a skate day event at
the Antigo Public Library!

Funtime Antigo sporting our new modular ramps at the
celebration for our newly renovated downtown!

We've repainted our storefront! Stop by and check out the fresh new look at Funtime Antigo!

Modular skate ramps are here! With a portable skatepark we can now bring the fun to you! Stop in and check them out at the HQ or connect with us and we will bring them to your location to add some fun skating to your next event!

The new Xbox Series S and Playstation 5 are here! Stop in and play the latest titles in stunning high resolution!

Funtime Antigo ribbon cutting article featured on the front page of the Antigo Daily Journal 12/11/2020

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