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Skate With Us

Hourly Skate Session - $4.00

All Day Game/Skate Pass - $10.00

Board Collection.JPG
Ride Our Wheels or Bring Your Own

We offer a variety of skateboards in different styles and sizes available for use at no extra charge! We also have basic trick scooters, Ripstik, Waveboard, and other casterboards available. Inline skates are also available.

Ramps and Indoor Skate Space

Enjoy our indoor skate space featuring a half pipe with coping and a roll in. We also have two straight ramps and a fun box - great for new skaters or those looking to push their street tricks to a new level! We also have a mini roll in ramp, great for gaining confidence before trying the bigger ramp!

Modular Ramps, Kicker Ramps, and Grind Rails

Check out the latest addition to the FTA skate space: modular skate ramps! If you want to change it up or need a little extra challenge ask us to set up a grind rail or mini kicker ramp!

Helmet & Pads 2.jpg
Helmets and Pads Available

Need a little confidence boost to try that new trick? Helmets and pads are available in a variety of sizes and colors, just ask!

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